Dominican Maltese Province


Dominic's brothers proclaim in churches and streets, universities and the media, loyal and dissident; We divide Scripture into different audiences and take initiatives for justice and peace; we arrange dating for monks, visit sick people, listen, consolate, listen to confessions, forgive, and ultimately want to proclaim God's Word to those who don't know or those who need it and want to hear.

The Dominicans were set up in the beggars' movement: they are not monks who spend their time alone in the monastery. So you can visit our partners : are called from the world by preaching the gospel while retaining the roots of prayer. In predominant spirituality, common prayers and apostolic actions are common. Like the apostles who were sent to preach, but Jesus also called for constant prayer, our proclamation is a prayer, a meeting with God with the people whom we proclaim, and spend quietly against God. certainly our apostolic mission.

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The orders

In the Dominican family, the brothers unite in one international religious order Catholic Church. They are neither monks living alone in a monastery, nor priests in dioceses living in parishes; The dominant brothers are "apostolic religious", attached, if necessary, to the preaching service, clearly giving priority to the boundaries of the church. Brothers carry out this service in a community linked to the promises of poverty, poverty and obedience.

The order gives the brothers a place where you can make evangelization all day long. They are prepared in silence, study and supported by prayer. This spiritual and missionary adventure lasts for nearly eight hundred years and is still an integral part of the Church's life; to help him preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth and perhaps one day to the ends of the universe.

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Offically rules

Dominican Maltese Province Pius V of the Dominican Republic is part of the Catholic religious order, officially known as the Order of the Brethren of Preachers, commonly known as the Dominican Order.

The order in Spain was founded by Dominica de Gusman about 800 years ago to meet the needs of the Church in the 13th century. Pravda (Veritas) is the slogan of our order, the commitment of this religious family for centuries, namely the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in every possible way, as a testimony in history, especially in the early preachers of the scriptures and theology.


The brothers came to Sicily from Malta in about the 15th century. In the middle. 1838 Malta's priorities were subsequently recognized as an autonomous province. There are currently five dynamic dominant dominant fraternities, including three parishes. In addition, there is a community of missionaries in Durre, Albania, created ten years ago to respond enthusiastically to the Catholic Church (re) born in this communist country. The Maltese dominant was also in Brazil for fifty years. At the moment we are also responsible for primary and secondary school in St. Albert Grand College, who started a new project with a new vision for new premises.

Together with the brothers forming the province, the dominant charism is shared by St. Sisters of the Dominican Congregation. Wall Catherine - founded in 1889 In Gozo, there are also some secular Dominic communities. We call it the 'dominant dominant family'.

These sites are designed to familiarize you with the ways in which the members of this family, especially the brothers, are responding today to the needs of our country's Church. I hope you find a way to share your mission on evangelization.

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